Chapter 9 Weather and Atmosphere

Chapter 9 Weather and Atmosphere - 2) A warm humid airmass...

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Chapter 9 Weather and Atmosphere Cyclones Form in preferentially 5 areas of in North America 1) Just east of the Rocky Mountains, particularly in Eastern Colorado. 2) Just east of the Canadian Rockies particularly near Southern Alberta 3) Just off the Texas Louisiana Coastline along the Gulf Coast of the United States 4) Along the East coast of the United States, particularly near North Carolina 5) Over the Bering Sea and the Gulf of Alaska in the Pacific Ocean. The environment found prior to the development of a cyclone over central North America 1) A cold dry airmass in Northern United States and over Canada
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Unformatted text preview: 2) A warm humid airmass over Southern and Eastern United States 3) A warm dry airmass over the higher elevations of the Western United States and Mexico 4) A cool, moist, airmass over the northeast United States and Canada 5) and an airmass that is typically only found aloft and originates in the upper troposphere The Initial Development of a Cyclone A cyclone appears as a center of low pressure on surface maps, and as we know low pressure forms when divergence occurs aloft....
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