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-“got milk?” one of the most popular ad campaigns of the 1990s -February, 1993, Jeff Manning, newly appointed Executive Director of the California Milk Processor Board, reviewed reports on per capita U.S. consumption of milk over the last fifteen years. -spent 23 million to make up campaign -strategies behind marketing a commodity and a branded product are very different -commodity has no brand and markets the general category This results in many complexities both on the supply side and demand side -supply side :all companies within general category has an input in it, marketers have lower budget for advertising, promotion, and marketing research than brand marketers, -demand side : change consumer attitudes and behaviors toward the entire cateogory, can be dramatically influenced by other food industries. (i.e. raisin cereal from kelloggs mean millions of dollars for raisins) -campaign showed how terrible it was to be without milk with certain foods like cereal, brownies, or chocolate chip cookies
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