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Econ200Syllabus-1-2 - The University of Chicago Department...

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The University of Chicago Department of Economics Elements of Economic Analysis I Econ 200 Course Syllabus Instructor : V ictor O. Lima e - mail : vlima @ uchicago.edu office : Rosenwald 229 B TA : MarkPhillips email : mdp @ uchicago.edu Course Logistics Office hours: Victor’s office hours will be on Thursday after class in Rosenwald 015. Mark’s office hours will be on Wednesday from 5:00 to 6:00 in Stuart cafeteria. You may also make appointments directly with us. Textbooks: Lecture notes will be available for you to purchase from Social Sciences Copy Room. You should read the appropriate lecture notes before class. If you need to brush up on math, you may wish to take a look at Klein, Michael. Mathematical Methods for Economists, 5th ed., Addison-Wesley, 2000. Prerequisites: Three quarters of calculus are required before taking this course: we will be using multivariable calculus from the outset of this course. We recommend that you complete Math 133, Math 153 or Math 163 before enrolling. Students (at their own risk!)
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