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Optics tutorial - Seeing the Light with Good Vision Luciano...

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Unformatted text preview: Seeing the Light with Good Vision Luciano Fleischfresser [email protected] Abstract Self-paced tutorial in Optics for students taking General Physics at the Enid site of the Oklahoma School of Science and Mathematics. After working through these activities, students will be able to: 1. List three vision deffects that can be corrected with lenses 2. Understand how the human eye sees things 3. Know what is reflection, refraction and diffraction 4. Know how to use ray-tracing 5. Know what is photonics and have an order-of-magnitude idea of the speed of light 6. Learn about the laser 7. Perform lab experiment to determine image formed by convex lens Previous knowledge needed: • geometry, algebra, trigonometry, waves, electromagnetic spectrum General Physics textbook content: • Light and Image Formation • Physical Optics and Color Equipment needed: • Laser pointer • Assortment of lenses and mirrors (semi-circular prism) Contents 1 Day 1: Introduction 1 2 Day 2: The Eye and Vision Problems 3 3 Day 3: Lenses, Mirrors, Refraction, Reflection, Images and Rays 4 4 Day 4: Lab Day 5 5 Day 5: Wave-Particle Duality, Interference, Diffraction 6 6 Day 6: Speed of Light, Photonics, The Expanding Universe 7 7 Day 7: Share Your Vision! 8 i 1 DAY 1: INTRODUCTION 1 1 Day 1: Introduction On Nov 16 2004, IEEE Spectrum Online presented the article “Eyeglasses On the Cheap”: Graduate student inventor sets his sights on correcting the world’s vision problems with table top lens molding....
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Optics tutorial - Seeing the Light with Good Vision Luciano...

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