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Bio100Practice_Exam_1_Key_S04 - Biology 100 Spring 2008...

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1 Biology 100 Truesdale Spring 2008 PRACTICE EXAM 1 KEY Correct answers are in BOLD. 1. The chemical conversion of food molecules into useable energy and building materials is referred to as ______. a. homeostasis b. metabolism c. adaptation d. phosphorylation e. none of these 2. In proteins, amino acids are linked together by a type of chemical bond called a ________ bond. 3. Plant cells have pigment-containing organelles called ______________. 4. In cells, polysaccharides can be broken down into monosaccharides which, in turn, can be broken down into carbon dioxide, water and energy. This is an example of a _________pathway . 5. Atoms that have lost or gained electrons are called “______________.” a. compounds b. molecules c. ions d. peptides e. nucleotides 6. The process by which water molecules move from an area of high concentration through a membrane to an area of low concentration is called ________________.
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