Assighnment 2- - Leadership Statement:Done by Introduction...

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Leadership Statement Done by : Introduction In United Arab Emirates, students are suffering from ignorant. Teachers need to be reeducated. Supervisors forget that they were once teachers. The schools' environment is dissatisfying. Angry and disappoint are increasing. College students don't find job. The Education structure is in need of magical overhaul. 1
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I am deeply concern of how to change and reform our system. I remembered many years ago when I was but small girl, an incident that dig in my soul. I was playing in the school yard in the break time with many students when the bill rung and the administration asked that all the school to assemble. I remembered feeling happiness that we would skip the fourth period. I vow I will never forget when I saw the principal standing beside three students from my classroom and holding a wooden stick. The principal started to talk. She asked us if we saw those three students flattering with boys in the break time and we foolishly say yes, we saw them exchanging letters through the school's wall. But what we didn't expect to be asked (we who didn’t do anything) to walk in front of the principal. She started to strike us and say that the beating was for being silent for the whole time. This unpleasant incident changed and affected me for the rest of my life. I felt an ugly feeling of betray and injustice. For the first time the reality that even high position people make grave mistakes. Our principal who I considered as miss perfect who represent the virtue world, she become a small or less. Threw my tears, I said I will be a principal and will take her place and my mother calmly replied why not and my leadership journey started from that point. As a student in the master degree program, I asked myself how I can apply all the information on leadership to my daily life and how much is it connected to me. Education represents one of the major that is the most powerful sectors in United Arab Emirates. In the past century, the administrative system in Education has been basically bureaucratic with no flexibility. Throughout the last decade schools as learning organization have experienced rapid growth as more schools started to adopt the transformational leadership. But I can't say it is a fact for all schools in United Arab Emirates nor it represents the attitudes of some of the teachers with whom I am working. In this paper I will mention the theories that affect my decision to talk the path of leadership such as the trait theory and the transformation leadership. I will also mention the climate that I will foster in my ideal school Discussion Background Theory The world of leaders is very interested to me and very remarkable since I was child. Being in the main family tree of my tribe make me feel different from other girls. I was
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Assighnment 2- - Leadership Statement:Done by Introduction...

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