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1) Outline due date Nov/19 2) Paper due date Dec.3 3) Meetings 4) Paper workshop WW1=> WW2=> Cold war II J. Ikenberry Strategic Restraint Institutions 1) NATO= Security (Transatlantic) 2) UN(/world Level) 3) Bretton Woods- GATT=>WTO -IMF -World Bank Neoliberal-institutionalsim II Institutions cooperation Constitutional order International System vs Domestic System Anarchy Hierarchy/order II II Institutions Constitution 1) Restrain behavior 2) Increase Security 3) Decrease insecurity 1) Power disparity/asymmetry
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Unformatted text preview: 2) Types of states-> Democracy Unipolar moment-> Hegemony-Bipolar= 2 states (US/USSR) How can a stable & Mutually acceptable system of relations be established between strong & weak states? IDs 1) Unipolar moment 2) strategic restraint 3) Neo-liberal institutionalism->Ikenbeery 4) Containment- Kennan & Soviet conduct 5) Truman Doctrine-> US aid. 6) Marshall Plan 7) NSC-68- leads to a rearming of Germany...
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