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1) Midterm grades 2) Review session (Oct 19 @2:30-5p.m.) 3) Papers/outlines 4) Today Korean war and The new work Korean War Jan 1950-June 1953 First confrontation Communists VS USSR Proxy war UN War US Contribution UN war-> Legitimation of conflict Rearmanting Germany-> Joins nato(1955) Truman: NSC-68 50 billion Eisehower (1952) Massive retaliation “the new look”
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Unformatted text preview: Nuclear arms Reduce spending on conventional weapon Nuclear weapons=> peace Absence of nuclear war 1) Bernard Brodie 2) H. Kahn 3) Alfied Wholsetler “MAD”/ Balance of terror (Mutual destination) Deterrence #) capability #)credibility Scott Sagan-> N.W=> Instability Kenneth Waltz-> N.W=stability...
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