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Lecture 1 on 8.29 - Causes of the rise in Transatlantic...

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Current Challenges and Transatlantic Tensions: Using History to Understand Politics Transatlantic Tensions: How big is the problem? What are some alternative hypotheses about is orgins? What impact dose the Cold War legacy have? Anti-American Protest in Europe - Pew Research Center Poll, February-March 2004: -Do you believe that President Bush and Tony Blair lied about WMD in Iraq? -82% French said yes
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Unformatted text preview: Causes of the rise in Transatlantic Tensions: Alternative Hypotheses. .-Caused by new, unprecedented disagreement over the use of force as a tool of statecraft?-Caused by a drafting apart, culturally and economically?-Caused by imbalance in military and technological capabilities?-Caused by strategic decisions of the current administrations?...
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