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Unformatted text preview: IR 100 Assuming the Role of a Superpower: World War I and Wilsonianism Sept. 17 and 19, 2007 Prof. Mary Elise Sarotte Outline - Monday I Why did war break out? II Why was the war so long and destructive? The four phases of the war: War of Illusions Stalemate Slaughter Revolution and Peace Outline - Wednesday III How and why did the US step on to the world stage as a superpower? IV How and why did it step off of it afterward? V Conclusion: Wilsonianism The Assassination of the Archduke Archduke Franz Ferdinand and family Heir to the throne of the Austro-Hungarian Empire Assassinated 28 June 1914 in Sarajevo Sparked the July Crisis that became WWI Key Dates Leading to WWI 28 July, Tuesday: Austro-Hungarian (AH) Empire formally declares war on Serbia 30 July, Thursday: AH orders general mobilization 31 July, Friday: Russian general mobilization begins 1 Aug, Saturday: Germany declares war on Russia and mobilizes; France mobilizes as well. 3 Aug, Monday: Germany declares war on France The Four Phases of World War I War of Illusions, 1914 Stalemate, 1915 Slaughter, 1916 Revolution and Peace, 1917-8; US Entry, 1917 Phase One: War of Illusions Military theorists thought that offensive would have advantage But advances in artillery meant that defense had the advantage; troops had to dig trenches in their own defense Phase of Stalemate Early tanks made little difference (although there was more movement on Eastern than on Western front) Turned into bloody stalemate by 1915 Phase of Slaughter Bloody battles in 1916 Little movement in trench warfare in the West War of attrition Phase of Revolution and Peace German resumption of unrestricted submarine warfare; strategic mistake US Entry into the war Bolshevik revolution in Russia and Russian exit from the war Germany surrenders before fighting reaches center of country ...
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