ES3 first midterm Exam B

ES3 first midterm Exam B - Exam B Environmental Sciences 3...

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Exam B Environmental Sciences 3 First Midterm Exam May 6, 2008 Write your name and discussion section number (or meeting day and time) on the exam and on the scantron. Circle the correct answer on the quiz and enter into the scantron. Turn in both the exam and the scantron at the end of the period. NAME________________________________________SECTION______________________________ 1. Why does agriculture have difficulty competing with industry and cities for water when it is scarce? a. Farmers don’t have any political power b. Water used for agriculture has a much lower economic return than it does in cities or industry c. Agriculture pollutes the water more than cities or industry d. Food isn’t important to people e. None of the above 2. What is a watershed? a. A device for capturing rainfall used in developing countries b. The area drained by a river c. An underground deposit of water d. The area flooded by a river during peak flow 3. Which of the following is not a major water-related disease? a. Diarrhea b. Malaria c. Schistosomiasis d. Whooping cough e. Dengue Fever 4. Which of the following statements is not correct? a. Rainfed agriculture is only about 1/3 as productive as irrigated agriculture b. Most of the future demand for food can be met by increasing the land using irrigated agriculture c. A single irrigation at a critical time could double crop yields in an African farming operation d. The Green Revolution did not benefit Africa 5. What is a treadle pump? a. It is a high speed pump used in irrigation wells b. It is the method by which water is brought up from depths greater than 30 feet c. It is an inexpensive human operated pump used in developing countries to pump water from shallow groundwater d. It is a combination of a pump and a water purification system used in Europe 6. Trees planted in cities increase stormwater runoff by collecting water with their leaves a. The statement is true b. The statement is false
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Exam B 7. Which statement about population is correct? a. The population of the world today is nearly 5 billion b. Between 2.5 and 3 billion people will be born in the first half of the 21 st century c. India and China have over half the world population d. Africa’s population is decreasing because of AIDS e. The US population has stopped increasing 8. Which of the following is not true? a. Isotopes are forms of the same element differing in atomic mass b. Radioisotopes are unstable isotopes that emit radiation c. The atomic number is the number of protons plus neutrons in an element d. Deuterium and tritium are isotopes of hydrogen 9.
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ES3 first midterm Exam B - Exam B Environmental Sciences 3...

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