Review for Exam #1 - Exam Review Why didn’t we get more...

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Unformatted text preview: Exam Review Why didn’t we get more coal? Because of arthropods ate it all up. Pollination Know Insect Morphology We have an ocellie Know Biological Classifications of • Lepinotorsa decemlmetion • Human • Dog • Crow What are arthropods adaptation? Class Arthropoda (Slide with lobster on it) class insecta Essay possibility 4 types of science nieve inductivism flavarian falsification scientific programs cunian scientific revolutions define objectivism Deduction Models representation of the world (theory) Presuppositions of Science (slide after crazy guy with money) Kuhns scientific Revolution 7 wedges of global warming How does global warming work Essay Global Dimming When you stop the emission in the air that are being produced – effect is Lecture #1 Question about information. - In our society we try to get really good at one part of a field. - Lots out there and how you measure it.- Doubling Rate of English written scientific publications is 4.2 Chinese Proverb: “ When the student is ready, the teacher will come ” Metaphysics = Big operating systems in the world (Ex: Capitalism, Christianity) The way you see the universe American Educational Goals- Make citizens- Get a job 4 types of Science *(know what they are and their components)- Naïve Inductivism o Definition: Induction – Facts acquired through observations Deduction – Predictions deducted by known theories (Ex: weather man) o Problems- Appeals to logic Appeals to experience What is a sufficient number of observations What constitutes significant variation- Science Programs o Definition:...
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Review for Exam #1 - Exam Review Why didn’t we get more...

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