all vocab for test - Prologue Psychology Empiricism...

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Prologue Psychology Empiricism Structuralism Functionalism Humanistic psychology Nature-nurture issue Natural selection Levels of analysis Biopsychosocial approach Basic research Applied research Counseling psychology Clinical psychology Psychiatry Chapter 1 Hindsight bias Critical thinking Theory Hypothesis Operational definition Replication Case study Survey False consensus effect Population Random sample Naturalistic observation Correlation Scatterplot Illusory correlation Experiment Double-blind procedure Placebo effect Experimental condition Control condition Random assignment Independent variable Dependent variable Mode Mean  Median Range Standard deviation Statistical significance Culture Chapter 2 Biological psychology Neuron Dendrite Axon Myelin sheath Action potential Threshold Synapse Neurotransmitters  Acetylcholine Endorphins Nervous system Central nervous system Peripheral nervous system Nerves  Sensory neurons Motor neurons Interneurons
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all vocab for test - Prologue Psychology Empiricism...

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