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Aaron Crapser Geog 124 9/10/2008 Response Paper #1: Things Fall Apart Okonkwo is a man belonging to the tribe of Igbo in Africa during pre-colonial times. He has strong beliefs motivated by the hatred he has for all things he considers soft. These beliefs stem from the memory of his dead father whom he considered to be worthless in his laziness. Driven by these concepts of brutal manliness, Okonkwo gains much in his village, including wealth, respect, wives, land and titles to name a few. He becomes a proud leader in his village of Umoufia and stands out as a symbol of what a man should be according to the beliefs of the African culture. Throughout the book however Okonkwo faces many hardships and challenges and seems to become a symbol of Africa, and mirror it, as it went through its hardships as well. This mirroring takes place in three different stages that are quiet evident as one reads through the book. The first stage is pre-colonial. The culture surrounding Okonkwo is that of a heavily
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Response Paper 1 Things Fall Apart - Aaron Crapser...

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