Chapter 1 notes - hours. A) elevated CO2 B) Alkalosis C)...

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Biochemistry Lecture 1-8-08 Chapter 2 Rank the water solubility in Ch3-Ch2-o-CH3 (Methlethylester) #4 Ch-=c-C-NH2(Acetylamine) #2 H2N – C=O-NH2 most (Carbonyldiamine) CH3-Ch2- CH3 least (propane) CH3-Ch2-CH=0 #3 GRE Question Which of the following is closest to the pH of a solution contains 5 millimoles per liter of H+ ions a) 1.2 b) 2.3 c) 3.7 d) 6.5 e)7.5 5 mM concentration is 5 x 10^-3 must be between 2 and 3 because 5x10^-3 is between 10^-2 and 10^-3 A patient ingests huge amounsts of toxin which depresses respirations, and hypoventilates for 4 days which his kidneys compensate for the resulting change in plasma pH his blood pH is therefore within the normal ranges. If he is placed on a mechanical ventilator, what disturbance of the plasma pH will be evident within a few
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Unformatted text preview: hours. A) elevated CO2 B) Alkalosis C) Decreased pOs D) Acidosis Ventilator makes breathing better B Before patient is in a state of metabolically-compensated respiratory acidosis on Ventilator Kidney continues to secreat higher concentrations of H while breathing resumes normal and CO2 is eliminated. The body compensates metabolically by secreting more protons so the blood pH is normal but the patient doesnt breath so well. But the moment they breath better, the CO2 is being secreting and the protons are getting rid of, but the kidneys are still secreting H+ so they go into alkalosis because it takes the kidneys a while to catch up....
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Chapter 1 notes - hours. A) elevated CO2 B) Alkalosis C)...

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