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comm 88 2

comm 88 2 - with others and their confidence levels The...

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Comm 88 Exercise: Experimental Research 1. These studies are “experiments” because the independent variables are manipulated. Also, there are people overseeing the process and getting involved to a certain extent. It is extremely controlled in that the researchers give directions and have complete control on what the participants can and cannot do. This is appropriate for the study because it allows the researcher to get an accurate response as to how the participant would actually act when put in a similar real world situation. There is a lot of control because the simulation has to be perfect in order for the participant to get the full effect. 2. The independent variables were the attractive and unattractive avatars and the height of the avatars. The dependent variables were the participants’ openness
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Unformatted text preview: with others and their confidence levels. The specific type of test that was administered involved a pretest in the form of rating people by attractiveness and an experiment putting people in the places of the attractive, moderate, and unattractive avatars. 3. The important issues for experimental design discussed in the lecture/reading are accuracy and effectiveness. In the case of this experiment, the strength was the pretest that allowed input on what the general public found attractive and unattractive. It could have been improved however by allowing the participant to choose who they found attractive by giving them the pretest and using their answers to administer the test because not everyone has the same ideas of attractiveness....
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