comm 88 hw-1

comm 88 hw-1 - measured the brain activity in the parts of...

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Getting Familiar with Published Studies 1. Berns, Chappelow, Zink, Pagnoni, Martin-Skurski, Richards (2005). Neurobiological correlates of social conformity and independence during mental rotation. Biol Psychiatry, 58 , 245-253. 2. The authors are furthering a research done in the 1950s concerning the association between pride and embarrassment and they are exploring the way people deal with social situations in which they feel the need to go with the majority in order to prevent themselves from being singled out and embarrassed. Previous research in the 1950s involved the experimenters assuming the subjects knowingly made wrong yet majority driven decisions and the study done recently wanted to use fMRIs to examine brain activity while put under the same sort of test. 3. The method was an experiment in which groups had to solve a problem involving geometic shapes while fMRIs were connected to them. The fMRIs
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Unformatted text preview: measured the brain activity in the parts of their brains that were actively engaging in the activity and people had different activations in their brains based on whether they were conforming to the group or not. 4. The authors found that there was evidence of people conforming with their peers and there was a connection to the part of the brain that controlled emotion. This proved that there was an emotional aspect to their decision making so therefore the subjects were more concerned with conforming and saving themselves from embarrassment rather than getting the right answer. 5. The study was conducted to find out how big the roles of pride and embarrassment play in decision making and the importance people place on being part of a group rather than singled out....
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comm 88 hw-1 - measured the brain activity in the parts of...

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