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Defining Variables 1. Some concepts/variables in Experiment 1 attractiveness and judgment by peers. Some variables in Experiment 2 were height, confidence, attractiveness, and negotiating skills. 2. These concepts were conceptualized by relating them to each other and linking attractiveness to confidence and height to negotiation skills. 3. The measured them by doing experiments involving people getting a new persona and evaluating how they interact depending on their height and attractiveness. A pro would be that it is an innovative way of measure because the new technology allows people to adopt a new identity and most of the time they will change when under this circumstance. A con would be that some people don’t incorporate their physical appearance with the way they act so they wouldn’t be affected by a new persona. 4. Variable #1: the level a person’s embarrassment
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Unformatted text preview: Conceptual definition: how embarrassed a person feels due to everyday situations and whether or not it dominates their life Operational definition- categorical/nominal measure: a questionare that offers scenarios of embarrassment and asks, using the Likert scale, to rate the level of embarrassment Operational definition-continuous measure: offering video examples of other people’s embarrassing situations and asking the participant to write how comfortable they felt while watching 5. Variable #2: most embarrassing situation Conceptual definition: what the most embarrassing situation is Operational definition- categorical/nominal measure: present different scenarios and have the participant put them in order of least to most embarrassing Operation definition: continuous measure: have participants write the experiences of their most embarrassing moments...
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