In Livio’s chapter

In Livio’s chapter - In Livios chapter, he...

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In Livio’s chapter, he introduces the passage with the concept of abstraction in terms of seeing groups as abstract entities and states that each group is essentially a group of permutations. He tries to simplify mathematics because he feels that the underlying basic qualities of the properties of groups are the most important. Following this concept, he uses the word minimalism creating a bridge between his theory and the art world. The basic idea of the Theory of Groups is essentially using comparisons involving doing one thing to another and taking that action and applying it to other things or doing something else to the initial thing. Even though this explanation is extremely simple and may be thought of as dumbed down, he states this to express the level of abstraction involved in groups. Groups have a similar abstraction in that the basics are the same with different details. He uses an example and makes tables of those examples with the end product being that the group members are different but they simply have identical
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In Livio’s chapter - In Livios chapter, he...

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