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I attended James Gobels’ presentation for Art Symposium and overall I felt his art and presentation was an interesting portrayal of the modern art world. His main focus was on bringing attention to and representing the fat homosexual demographic. He incorporated this in the way he presented himself during the presentation as well as in his artwork. Gobels used materials found in places such as Home Depot and craft stores for some of his work which I found interesting because of the way he made kitsch into high art. One of his pieces was a Fat Chair which was an update of a previous work from art history. He used installation foam to create a form that represented fat and put it on his chair which was warped as he gained weight. This piece was then painted yellow which gave it a sort of disgusting feeling in terms of the color and compositions. He incorporated this fat in his later works which included painting with craft materials and his next phase, felt. His felt works seemed to be his main focus and these pieces
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Unformatted text preview: portrayed obese homosexual males, referred to as bears, with topics that included classified ads, domestic environments, vacations and nudity. Gobels’ subjects were real people who had no fame to their name but were put on the same level as celebrities who were the ones usually considered as art muses. Some of his felt works also included references to Pop culture figures such as Lil Kim but they were contrasted by art history influences such as Olympia. Another important phase in his art career was his fascination with 17 th and 18 th century dandies. He chose them because of the time period in which obese men were considered wealthy and deserving of high respects. Gobels portrayed his art subjects with dignity and grace while showing them how they were but didn’t glamorize them in any special way and didn’t downplay their seemingly unattractiveness....
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