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Livio's "Prelude to a Number" goes beyond describing the beauty seen in the physics of nature and addresses the way people react to and use these formulas. He starts off by stating the way math is used in life and how knowledge of the properties of numbers is essential to science. He describes how numbers amaze us and uses examples such as the concept of special numbers which include the number pi and others often seen in art. Numbers play a part in a system that creates beauty in symmetry and all the other topics he talks about in his previous article. He makes clear that mathaticians have the advantage of being able to understand the true mathematical beauty of art in nature because of their ability to notice proportions and symmetry. Livio emphasizes the wonder of the golden ratio also known as the "Divine Proportion" and its visually pleasing aspects. He briefly talks of the golden ratio's past and shows that people such as the Pythagoreans found the concept so beyond their belief that they thought it as an error that
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