Hist 4C Lecture 3

Hist 4C Lecture 3 - Hist 4C Lecture 3 (4/8/08) The French...

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Hist 4C Lecture 3 (4/8/08) The French Revolution: The Declaration of Rights of Man Twin Revolutions: Industrial revolution French revolution - Declaration of rights (important book during time) 3 catchwords of French revolution - freedom (liberty) - equality - fraternity – beyond borders of France (not only inclusive to France) Declaration of Independence/ Dec. of the rights of man -DI – particularistic -DRM- universal, abstract, applicable to all men and women in all over world - Declaration of Rights of Women and the Female Citizen - olympe de Gouge – wrote declaration of rights of women/ women’s citizenship - French revolution was very male orientated - unsympathetic to Gouges proposal - declaration of man was spread all over leading to slave rebellion - slave rebellion in Haiti – Tousaint L’ Ouverture (leader) - revolted and established the republic ( French ended it) * declaration of rise of man caused movements and imbued abstract ideas from French revolution - freedom and equality constituted key rights for citizens - formed committies and compromised Article 6 Original draft: “The law is the expression of the general will. All citizens have the right to participate personally, or through their representatives, in its formation. It must be the same for all, whether it protects or punishes. All citizen, being equal in its eyes, are equally admissible to all honors, positions, and employments.” View 6
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Hist 4C Lecture 3 - Hist 4C Lecture 3 (4/8/08) The French...

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