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Study Guide Test #1

Study Guide Test #1 - Study Guide for General Psychology...

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Study Guide for General Psychology Test #1 Prologue: Definition of psychology; Out of what 2 disciplines did psychology develop? Rene Descartes: what were his 4 major influences on scientific psychology? What is the mind-body problem? What is materialism? What is empiricism? What is physiology? Where and when did scientific psychology begin? Wilhelm Wundt: founder of psychology; What did he study? What is introspection? What is functionalism? What were the 2 influences on its development in the US? What did behaviorists think psychology should and should not study? Why? What machine influenced the development of cognitive psychology in the 1960s? How did World War II influence the growth of clinical psychology in the US? What is basic research? applied research? Psychology’s Big Debate : nature vs. nurture, What is natural selection? (see the textbook, pages 9-10) Psychology’s Three Main Levels of Analysis : What are they? (see textbook, pages 10-11). What is the focus of each of these perspectives?
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