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General Chem Lab appendix B

General Chem Lab appendix B - An XY plot of the data will...

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Appendix B Excel Titration Curves 1. Open Excel. 2. Click File Open and open the saved MeasureNet file of the pH versus volume data. Click Finish. 3. Copy ad paste the first two columns of the text file into columns A and B in the Excel worksheet. Close the text file. 4. Open the Excel Chart Wizard by clicking the icon of a bar graph on the toolbar. 5. Choose XY scatter plot and select smooth line type. 6. Click Next, then highlight all the data in columns A and B.
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Unformatted text preview: An XY plot of the data will pop up. 7. Click Next, then click Titles. Type in the name for your plot in the Chart Title field. Label the X axis in the x-value box, and the Y axis in the y-value box. 8. Remove the gridlines by clicking on Gridlines and uncheck axes. 9. Click Legend and uncheck Show Legend to remove the legend. 10. Click Next. 11. Select the graph. Copy and paste it into a Word document, and print the document with the plot....
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