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Music 2040 Nat King Cole essay

Music 2040 Nat King Cole essay - Nat King Cole A Musical...

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Nat King Cole: A Musical Extravaganza Nathaniel Adams Cole, better known as Nat King Cole, born March 17, 1919 in Montgomery, Alabama, was one of America’s greatest musicians . Although Cole was born in Alabama, his upbringing in Chicago helped him branch out musically . In Chicago, he added singing to his skills on the piano that he learned in Alabama . Soon he was as great of a singer as piano player . Some of his most famous hits are: “Mona Lisa,” “Too Young,” “Unforgettable,” and “Nature Boy . ” Even after his death his daughter went on to make a hit song using his voice in a dubbed over version of “Unforgettable . ” Also, one of his most national hits, “The Christmas Song,” is heard every year around the holiday season . He was able to entertain both those that wanted simple pop music and those that wanted a more complicated jazz music . By playing the piano and singing, Cole amazed and entertained people with his musical talent in both the popular music and jazz genres . Nat King Cole was admired by many because he was so highly skilled as a pianist and also a singer . Nat King Cole is considered a great musician because of his singing and piano talents . “[He] was actually two of the most important musicians that the American idiom has ever known . If you could combine Oscar Peterson and Frank Sinatra into a single entity, you would get Nat King Cole . Far from being a great singer who merely accompanied himself on piano or a keyboard wizard who occasionally sang . 1 Here, he is compared to the great Oscar Peterson, “a jazz piano virtuoso who accompanied musicians as diverse as Louis Armstrong and Charlie Parker during a six-decade 1   Friedwald, Will. Hall Of Fame: Nat King Cole. Down Beat-Jazz, Blues & Beyond 64.12 (1997): p.30-32. 13 April 2008
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career and became one of the most-recorded and honored jazz pianists of all time…” 2 According to this statement, Cole’s piano skills place within the ranks of the most talented jazz pianists .
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