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spcm 1500 Chapter 10 Notes

spcm 1500 Chapter 10 Notes - Maslows hierarchy of needs 1...

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Maslow’s hierarchy of needs 1. Self-actualization needs 2. Esteem needs 3. Love and inclusion needs 4. Safety needs 5. Physical needs Close relationships are ongoing, with a past, present, and future. Close relationships are characterized by The partners’ psychological and emotional concerns, their feelings of affection and conscious knowledge of one another. The cultural/social expectations and demands on the partners. The partners’ communication practices that negotiate between their private and public contexts. Definition of close relationships in 10 factors: 1. Content – what people talk about and do together. 2. Diversity – number of things people do together. 3. Quality – how they talk to one another. 4. Relative frequency – repetitive or more variable. 5. Nature – complementary or reciprocal. 6. Quality of power – power distribution. 7. Intimacy – how much self-disclosure. 8. Partners’ perception – are their perceptions in agreement and how they see each other. 9. Commitment reflected – whether each partner sees the other as being committed. 10. Satisfaction expressed – how closely the interactions fit their ideal. Relationship – a bond between two people that is reflected in their interaction patterns and their perceptions of these patterns.
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