spcm 1500 Chapter11

spcm 1500 Chapter11 - o Postcyberdisclosure panic(PCDP –...

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Convergence – the integration of various technologies. Cell phones that also take pictures. Computer-mediated communication (CMC) – the use of various technologies to facilitate communication with others. Technological determinism – suggests that technology is irreversible, inevitable, and inescapable. Technology is: Pervasive – it is everywhere. Paradoxical – it is conflicting, inconsistent, and ironic. Global village – describes how communication technology ties the world into one political, economical, social, and cultural system. Powerful – it influences people, events, and entire cultures. Dark Side: Little accountability. Fostering hate. Flaming – when people exchange malicious, hostile, or insulting comments. Bright Side: Widening your social network. Enhancing your educational accessibility. Self-presentation assumptions: The computer screen can deceive. Online discussions often prompt introspection. Online discussions promote individualism. Self-disclosure occurs online.
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Unformatted text preview: o Postcyberdisclosure panic (PCDP) – is a situation in which someone discloses personal information in an email message only to experience significant anxiety later because the discloser begins to think about the number of people who could have access to that message. Identity Markers – electronic extensions of who someone is. Expansion of the self. • Screen names • Personal home pages Relational Tech • Abbreviated Language • Graphic accents o Articon – a picture used in an electronic message. • Blogging Sender Skills • Be succinct when necessary • Write literally • Stay polite • Take a deep breath Receiver skills • Check in with the sender o Electronic trial balloon – an overture that briefly responds to a sender’s message. • Show empathy when possible • Listen beyond the words Sender and receiver skills • Take responsibility for your own words • Build your dialogue • Recall the challenge of online communication...
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spcm 1500 Chapter11 - o Postcyberdisclosure panic(PCDP –...

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