spcm 1500 chapter 8 notes

spcm 1500 chapter 8 notes - Self-discloseure communication...

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Self-discloseure – communication about yourself. Evaluative disclosures – tell another how we judge other people Descriptive disclosures – self-revelations, things about yourself Self-disclosure – evaluative and descriptive information about the self, shared intentionally, that another would have trouble finding out without being told. Must be verbal. Factors of Self-disclosure Intentionality and Choice – disclosures are intentional communication. We choose whether to tell and how to tell it and how much detail to provide. Intimacy and Risk – information involved must be personal. Makes ourselves vulnerable. o Public information – consists of facts that we make parts of our public image, presented to others. o Private information – assessments that we make about ourselves, “backstage.” Includes personal values, interests, fears, and concerns. Trust – explains why we decide to reveal ourselves through self-disclosure. History – information that may sound personal to a listener but that is relatively easy for a speaker to tell. Story – when the teller feels the risk he or she is taking in telling the information. “authentic.” Factors affecting Self-disclosure Individual Differences – people have different needs for openness. Relational Issues – people have expectations about the need for, and the appropriate
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spcm 1500 chapter 8 notes - Self-discloseure communication...

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