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spcm 1500 dialectics essay - The Ballad of Jim and Pam 2...

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The Ballad of Jim and Pam Introduction Relational Dialectics In every close interpersonal relationship, the participants have competing desires which contradict each other, called dialectics. This theory states that, in a relationship, people constantly have opposing needs. These needs are felt simultaneously, and often subconsciously. For example, a woman asks her husband whether or not he likes her earrings. The man is now conflicted between two desires; one is to please his wife by complimenting the earrings, and the other is to tell the truth to give his wife honest advice. In order to make a decision on what to say, the man will utilize one or more strategies for managing these opposing urges. These strategies will be introduced in the following section. A wide array of dialectics may be present in a relationship, but there are a few that tend to remain constant between various interactions. These particular dialectics include autonomy and connection, openness and protection, novelty and predictability, and public and private. Autonomy refers to the urge to be separate from a partner, while connection refers to the urge to be connected with a partner. Openness means that people want to self-disclose while protection means that people also want to withhold their disclosures. Novelty and predictability explains the tension between the desires for excitement and stability. Finally, public and private suggests that people want to keep some aspects of the relationship private from third parties while they want to make other aspects public. Relationship Participants Remade from a British television series, “The Office” is a comedy based on a fictional paper company called Dunder Mifflin. From it’s beginning in 2005, the show has developed a very unique relationship between two coworkers, Jim Halpert and Pam Beesly. From the first 2
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The Ballad of Jim and Pam episode, it was clear that Jim was in love with Pam, but Pam had been engaged to one of the company's warehouse workers for three years and she acts as if she views her relationship with Jim as platonic. It is important to understand the foundations of their relationship because it shapes the way in
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spcm 1500 dialectics essay - The Ballad of Jim and Pam 2...

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