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STAT 2100H gallup poll essay

STAT 2100H gallup poll essay - They are also essential to...

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Gallup Poll George Gallup has revolutionized market research in the fields of “health, religion, politics, journalism, advertising, entertainment, business, education, and human thinking” (Professor George Gallup, School of Thinking) in general. His belief that the common person is intelligent when supplied with accurate and unbiased information led him to create a practical polling method, allowing consumers to make reasonable decisions affecting their purchasing habits. Since the public became aware of the accuracy of the Gallup Poll, it has been relied upon heavily by consumers and businesses alike. The Gallup Poll also provides good statistical summaries of public opinion regarding personal beliefs, national policies, experiences with healthcare providers, and approval ratings, the most popular of which has been the presidential approval rating that has been used to gauge the effectiveness of the nation’s leaders throughout history. These data are cited in research papers, in newspapers, and on network television broadcasts.
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Unformatted text preview: They are also essential to presidential candidates, as they accurately measure the effectiveness of various political strategies employed by their campaigns. In addition to his polls, George Gallup made significant advances in the advertising industry. His methods of direct advertising in television and print media increased consumer awareness and brand recognition. He advocated entertainment value in commercials but discouraged gimmicks like excessive animation. He felt that the audience needed to be informed of the problem they faced and the solution that the advertised product provided. He urged advertising agencies to refrain from throwing out unrealistic guarantees and to simply provide consumers with a possible problem they may face, the ways in which their product can help, and the price. "Professor George Gallup". School of Thinking. November 26, 2007 <http://www.schoolofthinking.org/who/george-gallup/>....
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STAT 2100H gallup poll essay - They are also essential to...

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