AVIONICS CASE - AVIONICS industry has changed drastically...

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AVIONICS’ industry has changed drastically in recent years. This change has caused AVIONICS to modify its organizational norms and turn to commercial and international markets to maintain revenue. However, the teams within AVIONICS have not adapted to these changes and continue to follow their existing norms. Analysis and Diagnosis Due to changes in the market for technological defence systems and the way business is being done, AVIONICS is forced to implement an organizational change. With changing market shares and the changing nature of the contracts and the elimination of the cost-plus system, AVIONICS must restructure itself. An incremental change, the systematic change of specific areas within the business, is needed to focus on attracting new markets and to change the status quo within the company. AVIONICS will look towards Paul Riley to help implement this change with one of the firms’ most successful teams, the Analog team. The Analog team has helped build AVIONICS into the respectable company that it is today. The company’s main focus is on research and development. It is comprised of a group of skilled scientists and engineers that agree with some of the firms’ goals and norms. Now that the firm must undergo change, the trust that has been built within the team and the company is in jeopardy and could cause a disturbance for Riley as a manager. Riley has to find a way to convince and adapt his Analog team to the new goals established by the firm. The Analog team once had the freedom to prioritize quality and they were not responsible for costs or time management. Now that AVIONICS is seeking additional markets, quality may be sacrificed.
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One of the changes that AVIONICS has had to make is a change from a national defence market to commercial and international markets. This means that Riley had to change the job description of his Analog team. Although they are highly qualified scientists and engineers, they now have to focus on finding new ways to attract the novel markets to sell the company’s products. The Analog team did not respond well to this. The team felt that the company had lost its focus on whom they were and what the its goals were. From a research and development stand point to an administration focus, the Analog team does not understand their role and questions whether the company they trust stands by their mission to produce quality products. Some of the teams restraining forces are attributed to their fear of the unknown and eventually will lead to cynicism. The fear of the unknown is from the growing lack of trust between the company and the team and how this change may affect their future. The team feels they have to stay together in order to keep their positions. The lack of adaptation from the Analog team has placed AVIONICS in a situation where they may have to take a more drastic approach to be successful in the complete transformation process to survive in the technology industry. The culture at AVIONICS has undergone significant change in the past few
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AVIONICS CASE - AVIONICS industry has changed drastically...

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