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chapter 1 - AEM 240 Chapter One Marketing the activity for...

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AEM 240 Chapter One Marketing: the activity for creating, communicating, delivering, and exchanging offerings that benefit the organization, its stakeholders, and society at large. Delivers genuine benefits in the offerings of goods, services, and ideas marketed to customers. The organization, stakeholders, and society should all benefit. -seeks to discover and satisfy the needs of customers Exchange: how you meet those two objectives Requirements for Marketing to Occur: 1. Two or more parties with unsatisfied needs: for example, you need something with technology, and the store owner needs someone to purchase a copy of “Computer World” 2. Desire and ability to satisfy needs: you want to satisfy the unmet needs and have the time and money to do so 3. way for parties to communicate: know that the product exists and its location, and that there is a market of potential buyers nearby; for example, get a free sample 4. something to exchange: must be of value, give up but get something in return Discovering Consumer Needs: may not always know or be able to describe that they need and want. -challenge is meeting consumer needs with new products 1. focus on what the consumer benefit is 2. learn from the past -effective marketing, in the form of creating and awareness of good products at
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chapter 1 - AEM 240 Chapter One Marketing the activity for...

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