investment challenge report - INTRO Stock challenge while...

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INTRO - Stock challenge, while an interesting and fun activity, not well represented in a 1 semester class - Our class lucky enough to experience both stagnance (February), a mild crash (shanghai butterfly at very end of February), and a good run up (basically mid march to the end of the challenge). o Good cross section of what really happens in the market: ups, downs, and straight lines - We tried to balance emerging trends, undervalued companies, and some speculation Strategy - realized at beginning that when investing for just 67days it’s more about timing and some luck than anything else - played this realization through three different tactics utilizing group’s past research and knowledge, of which was focused primarily on the Canadian market - also promptly realized that we are able to purchase on margin, allowing us to leverage our returns Tactic 1 - first tactic based on technical analysis - From research and following other bank stock performance as well as financial index, found bank of nova scotia to be underperforming other major banks for no apparent reason (appendix iii) o Considered it undervalued and hoped that would be corrected quickly because such a widely held stock and historically performs at or over the index - From research and following AUR, found it to be underperforming materials index after the February crash, and actually continuing its fall (appendix iv)
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This essay was uploaded on 03/18/2008 for the course COMM 367 taught by Professor Zhao during the Spring '07 term at University of Saskatchewan- Management Area.

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investment challenge report - INTRO Stock challenge while...

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