Key Points Reading 1-5. AUG 22

Key Points Reading 1-5. AUG 22 - Key Points to Know from...

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Key Points to Know from Reading 1. Definition of DRAMA (page 1) drama is the art of representing for the pleasure of others events that happened or that we imagine happening. The primary ingredients of drama are characters-represented by actors; action-described by gestures and movements; thought-implied by dialogue, words, and action; spectacle-represented by scenery, music, and costume; and finally audiences- who respond to this complex mixture 2. Aristotle’s The Poetics (page 1) – a work providing one of the most influential theories of drama. Aristotle began explain it as the imitation of an action (MIMESIS). Those analyzing his work have interpreted this statement in several ways: drama imitates life; the great Greek tragedies are certainly lifelike and certainly offer literary mirrors in which we can examine human nature. 3. Mimesis/Dramatic Illusion (pages 1 and 2) – drama is one art form that helps us realize the potential of life, for both the good and the bad. Dramatic illusion is an imitation of an action, but unlike the reflection in a mirror, the action of most drama is not drawn from our actual experience of life but from our potential or imagined experience. 4. Osiris and Isis (page 2) – in ancient Egypt some religious rituals evolved into repeated passion plays, such as those celebrating Isis and Osiris at the festivals of Heb-Seb in Abydos some three thousand years ago. 5.
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Key Points Reading 1-5. AUG 22 - Key Points to Know from...

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