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Key Points Reading 266-270.308-310. SEPT 8

Key Points Reading 266-270.308-310. SEPT 8 - Key Points to...

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Key Points to Know from Reading 262-266, 308-310 1. Elizabethan Drama (262-266) The reign of Queen Elizabeth 1 (1558-1603) is known as the Elizabethan age in England – a period of discovery and prosperity as well as a period of great achievement in the arts, especially drama. a. Wandering/traveling players b. The First Professional Companies – although professional players’ groups had long been licensed to perform in France and Italy, until the 1570s professional actors—those who had no other trade—did not enjoy favor in England. Then the law changed and actors with royal patronage were permitted to perform. In 1576 James Burbage built the first building made specially for plays in England. It was called The Theatre. Then other theatres such as the Swan, the Rose, the Hope, and the Globe—Shakespears theater. c. The Elizabethan Theater – the shape of the early theaters was often octagonal or circular, the stage was raised above five feet from the ground with levels of seating in several galleries.
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