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Big Rock Brewery Income Trust and the Brick Brewing Co. Limited dedicate their businesses to producing premium quality beer. The beer industry is a competitive market and limited growth is seen. Appropriate licenses are required to sell and distribute liquor, which both company’s comprise. Beer is a somewhat seasonal product and greatest sales are seen in the summer and autumn months as well as during the holidays. Big Rock Brewery Income Trust is based in Calgary, Alberta, although it also has breweries in Edmonton, Alberta and Kamloops, British Columbia, where sales and distribution take place. Regional sales representatives are located in B.C., Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Ontario, with third party distributors in the United States. A quote by beer critic, Michael Jackson, claims Big Rock to have some of the most distinct beers in Canada (Big Rock Brewery Income Trust 1). Brick Brewing Co. Limited was established in 1984, in Waterloo, Ontario, currently the location of the head office. The main brewing facility is Formosa Spring Brewery, of Formosa, Ontario, with a warehouse also located in Kitchener, Ontario. They are said to be the pioneers of present day draft beers in Canada, since they were the first company to begin brewing craft beers in Eastern Canada (Brick Brewing 1). The fundamentals of the Big Rock Brewery Income Trust Company are as follows; brewing unique premium quality beer, achieving superior personalized customer service and providing strong, long lasting relationships with the community (Big Rock Brewery Income Trust 1). Big Rock Brewery not only produces premium quality specialty (craft) bottles, cans and kegs of beer, it has recently extended its product line to include coolers, ultra-light beer, and some non-alcoholic beverages. Whatever the product they are selling, taste is their number one priority. They believe in emphasizing
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their recognized brand names - Grasshopper - and traditional names, as well as new names such as Honey Brown and Jack Rabbit (Big Rock 2). The Big Rock Brewery provides its company shares to the public on the Toronto Stock Exchange. The main objective of Big Rock is to satisfy these unit holders. The primary challenge that the company has faced was the privatization of liquor sales in 1993. Alberta was the first province to privatize the sale of liquor (Big Rock 2). This change has enabled the company to provide more diversification in products at a more competitive price despite the initial public complaints and objections. It is believed that because of the decade of experience in privatization, the company will be experienced in competing with both privatized and regulated markets. Because of the major competition, domestic and foreign beers, the company has been forced to become more competitive with its pricing strategies and to better understand consumer preferences. For example, they provide non-beer products such as cider and coolers. These products are only produced to satisfy customers but are of no significance to the
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Big Rock vs Brick Brewing - Big Rock Brewery Income Trust...

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