PHYS202SP200823 - PHYS202SP2008 Week 3 - part 1 Due at...

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PHYS202SP2008 Week 3 - part 1 Due at 6:00pm on Wednesday, April 16, 2008 View Grading Details Electric Fields for Cleaner Air Burning coal, which is how many power plants generate electricity, releases a number of harmful byproducts. Particulate pollution (i.e., soot or smoke) is the most visually obvious. Modern coal-burning power plants make use of electrostatic precipitators (ESPs) to remove most of the particulate pollution. As the hot, impure air heads out of the plant, it passes through an area where soot particles can pick up some electric charge. The air then passes through an area with a strong electric field to pull the pollutant particles away to an area where they can be safely removed. Part A Suppose that a charged particle of diameter 1.00 micrometer moves with constant speed in an electric field of magnitude newtons per coulomb while acted upon by a drag force of newtons. What is the charge on the particle? Ignore the effects of gravity. Hint A.1 How to approach the problem Hint not displayed Hint A.2 Expression for the electric force Hint not displayed Express your answer in coulombs to three significant figures. ANSWER: = 7.25×10 16 Part B If this charged soot particle is now isolated (that is, removed from the electric field described in the previous part), what will be the magnitude of the electric field due to the particle at distance 1.00 meter from the particle? Hint B.1
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PHYS202SP200823 - PHYS202SP2008 Week 3 - part 1 Due at...

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