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ch#1 statistic homework - 56.82-22.0774=34.7426 56.82...

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nt because the mean is affected by the outlier and the median is resistant to outliers. 99.8% 95% 68% 79 76.5 59 71.5 61.5 66.5 69 Homework 1.14) A. B. C. Histogram/Pareto graph- it allows us to observe the distribution of the data and identify what happened most frequently and least frequently. 1.22) A. Categorical B. Quantatative C.Categorical D. Categorical E.Quantative F.Quantative 1.24) A. B. We would need to know how many people were used for this study and how many people died of reasons besides the ones listed above. 1. 52) Quartile 1 2.17 Minimum 0 Median 9.03 Maximu m 88.6 Quartile 3 40.05 Mean 22.0774 B. Outlier Range = 1.5 x IQR IQR = Q3 – Q1 IQR = 40.05 – 2.17 = 37.88 37.88 x 1.5=56.22 Because 55.41 is within the IQR range the mean is accurate and not influenced by any outlier. A rule is not a substitute for the actual data because the graph is skewed to the right. This means that the IQR rule can give an idea of what the graph looks like but it can’t replace the actual data.
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Unformatted text preview: 56.82-22.0774=34.7426 56.82+22.0774=78.8974 therefore, all property damage that are above 78.897 and property damage below 34.7426 1.58) A. Mean: 8.024182 Median: 11.677 Since its skewed to the left the mean is larger than the median. It is not a normal distribution because they’re not equal to each other. B. Outlier Range: 1.5 x (22.4145— -5.4715) =25.4145 The outliers are below -5.4715-25.4145=-30.886, and above 22.4145+25.4145=47.829 1.60) I would prefer the five number summary because there is an outlier in this data which would cause the calculation of the mean and standard deviation to be off. 1.82) 1.102) The standard deviation of the skinnier curve is approximately .6 and the fat one’s standard deviation is .2. I came up with these numbers by seeing that that 98% falls at 1.2 for the fat curve and .4 for the skinny curve, from there I solved for the standard deviation by dividing the 98% by 2....
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ch#1 statistic homework - 56.82-22.0774=34.7426 56.82...

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