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AMS 100(final) - Zach Maggiorotto Lindsey Feitz American...

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Zach Maggiorotto Lindsey Feitz May 16, 2008 American Studies Take Home Final Before taking this class I knew the general history that everyone was required to know about America. One thing I did not realize though were all of the small scale wars that have occurred to make America into what it is today. Throughout this semester I have learned about the small scaled wars involving education, consumerism, gender/sex, and race/ethnicity and how they have changed America. When I was introduced to the consumerism unit that we went over I first had to reexamine myself and how I am a consumer. I am a typical consumer that likes to have what is “in.” I have an IPod, a laptop, and like to buy things that are not necessary but that I like. After reading our consumerism book and listening to the discussions that we had in class I realized how much I am a consumer and when I reflected on how much I consume in a year I was taken aback. The main evidence for this unit is easy to find since it involves all the statistics about how much is consumed every year by America. America is one of the highest consuming countries and is proven by college students, including myself, today. “America is the most materially successful civilization in the history of the planet.”(The Consumer Society, 78) All of the readings that we went over in class support the fact that we live in a consumerism society. The readings showed statistics and facts about how much is consumed
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every year and how much waste we generate because of it. “It defines as making away with or destroying, wasting or squandering, using up.” (The Consumer Society, 78) I have had three IPods so far and when I get rid of one it just generates more and more waste. Whenever a new trend or technologically advanced system comes out all of the old equipment gets disposed of improperly and because of that there is a lot of waste buildup. It is very important for Americans to learn more about consumerism and what it is causing because if nothing is done about it, eventually there will be an overwhelming amount of non-disposable material in the world and no
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AMS 100(final) - Zach Maggiorotto Lindsey Feitz American...

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