daoism - mind spirit magic - Within Daoism one's mind...

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Within Daoism, one’s mind, spirit, and their knowledge control their actions and reactions. These three elements dictate where one’s life goes, the path they take. Though not apparent, the connection between the three is complex and important. The Daoist mind, spirit, and one’s personal knowledge interact in a uniquely important way that heavily determines one’s perceptions, actions, and reactions. The Daoist spirit can be defined as the natural part of oneself that attempts to guide one’s very life. The Spirit’s actions and intents are pure and its judgments are clear. The spirit is untainted. One’s essential being, inherent existence, is the Spirit. The mind differs from this, however. The mind is one’s conscious self, the part that conglomerates and analyzes knowledge. The mind is the part of oneself that ponders and decides, that worries and doubts. Knowledge is what fills the mind. The mind makes decisions based on both the Spirit’s intent and the knowledge it has gathered. Knowledge
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daoism - mind spirit magic - Within Daoism one's mind...

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