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Bio 100(review)

Bio 100(review) - Domain Eukarya protists diplomonda 2...

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Domain Eukarya: protists: diplomonda: 2 nuclei, multiple flagella, anerobic, free living & parasitic.(Giardia: picked up from contaminated water) Euglenozoa: chemohetero+photoauto, flagella, free living or parasitic(trypanosome) Alveolates: dinoflagellates(2flagella, cellulose plates, all but photofetero) apicomplexans(all parasitic, organelle complex crack into host cells)(malaria causeing)ciliates(cilia, almost all free living, macro & micronucleus(only for sexual reproduction)) Stramenopiles: hairy & smooth flagella, water molds/downy mildews(fungus like, chemohetero, free living decomposers, parasites)(Irish potato faminie) diatoms(photoauto, key food source in water, cell walls(glass) different shapes/sizea, fossilize easily.(diatomaceous earth)(brown algae: different pigments= brown, olive, kelp, food/chemical source) Amoebozda: lobe shaped pseudopodia; amoabas: free living & parasitic(dysentery) plasmodial slime molds(heterotrophic, unicellular) cellular slime molds(heterotrophic=bacteria unicellular if life good, multicellular if tough. Red Algae: photoauto(different pigments: red, purple, black) soft or hard bodied(hard: coral reefs) Green Algae: photoauto(cell walls made from cellulose like plants)(2 flagella: plants(close related)) 1.Which organelles are result of infolding: golgi apparatus. 2.Which would NOT have multiple flagella: water mold. 3.Which matches plant organ w/ function: all. 4.If observe gametophyte cell in metaphase you see: one duplicated set of chromosomes. 5.Which NOT subgroup of phylum arthropoda: cephalopods. 6.Bodies of animals in
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