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CE 191(6 areas) - Engineers in this field are in control of...

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Zach Maggiorotto CE 191 Construction Technology : This practice of engineering is involved in the Industrial business. Over the years, engineers in this area have helped better the process of building things. They also helped invent the steam engine which led to construction machinery. Now, engineers concentrate on improving the equipment and technology of construction Buildings and Structures : With the birth of the steel industry, engineers began to design new and bigger buildings and frames. This eventually led to the birth of skyscrappers. Now, the primary focus is on building and keeping buildings and structures sound and stable. Transportation : This field deals with the varies types of transportation. The different structures include roads, highways, bridges and airports.
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Unformatted text preview: Engineers in this field are in control of making sure that everything is safe and strong. Water, Wastewater, and Environmental : These environmental engineers are in charge of convenience, economics, and health. They control the water supply system and make sure that the water, wastes and environment are people friendly. Water Resources : In this field, engineers control and handle water for energy, flood control, navigation, and recreation. Some of the projects include dams, levies, and water powerplants. Disaster and Emergency Management : Engineers in this field are in control of protecting everyone against disasters such as fires, tornadoes, and a nucleur plant disaster. They now are also helping with acts of terrorism....
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