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Exam 1 Review Sheet - BIOLOGY 188 EVOLUTION STUDY GUIDE...

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STUDY GUIDE – EXAM 1 THE FOUR-WINGED DINOSAUR - DVD 1. What is the evidence supporting the hypothesis that flying birds evolved from Earthbound dinosaurs > 100 million years ago (mya)? 2. Why would the arboreal origin of flight rule out dinosaurs as the ancestors of birds? 3. What is the evidence that Microraptor was a dinosaur? 4. What is the evidence, from studies with Microraptor models, for the arboreal origin of flight? 5. What does Ken Dial mean when he says that evolution is not a ladder but rather is a bush with twigs that branch out in different directions some of which are terminal. THE SCIENTIFIC PROCESS OF INQUIRY 6. Complete the statement: Science is a process of inquiry that includes……. 7. Complete the statement: Discovery science and induction (inductive reasoning) seeks……… 8. Describe the characteristics of an inductive conclusion. Describe one theory that was formulated as a result of inductive reasoning. 9. Describe the natural phenomenon observed by Edward Jenner (1796). Use this observation to explain the scientific process, in general, and the approach he used to test his hypothesis and explain this phenomenon. 10. Describe the characteristics of hypothetico-deductive reasoning. Be sure to include “if … then” logic in your explanation. 11. Define the term scientific theory and give several examples of scientific theories. Explain how this term is used incorrectly in common conversation. THE VOYAGE OF THE BEAGLE – Charles Darwin – Published in 1839
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Exam 1 Review Sheet - BIOLOGY 188 EVOLUTION STUDY GUIDE...

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