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GP 218 Exam 1 Review - Write an essay in which you identify...

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GP 218 Law and Society Fall 2008 First Exam Study Guide Dr. Henderson The exam will consist of several short answer questions and a long essay as described below. The following essay will appear on the exam. It is given to you in advance so that you can prepare an answer in the course of your studying. When you have written and refined your answer, you should make an outline of its major points, which you commit to memory. The essay should be approximately 3-4 test pages long. You will not be permitted to use notes during the exam. The essay constitutes 30% of the exam grade. A central feature of our discussion of law and society to this point has been that law and the order it represents must often be derived from very ambiguous sources such as precedent, social norms, and laws (statutes, constitutions, regulations) themselves.
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Unformatted text preview: Write an essay in which you identify where and how this tension between legal order and legal ambiguity appears in the resources we have encountered so far. Your response should include one discussion each of a case, a film, and an essay. You are free to choose the remaining three at your discretion. For the short answer questions, you will want to be sure to understand any major concepts that were covered in class, including the film Adam’s Rib; the principal features of the articles by Kafka, Llewellyn, and Frank; issues, facts, opinions, and rationales in the following: the line of spousal abuse cases beginning with Pendergrass; the Dudley/Stephens case; the sterilization and death penalty cases....
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