Dark Matter - INTRO When one looks into the sky from Earth...

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INTRO When one looks into the sky from Earth he gazes upon shining objects amidst a vastness of gloom. However, 96% of this “space” as it has been coined is actually dominated by unknown forms of energy and mass. This unknown mass and energy is respectively known as Dark Matter and Dark Energy . Cosmology has, at its roots as a science, fundamental goals to analyze and discover the specific composition of matter and energy within the universe. Though most laymen known the universe is made up of neutrons, protons and electrons, it seems this widely understood view is misleading. Oppositely, we seem to exist in a universe that stretches our understanding of physics. Cosmology over the past century has been largely based on two differing types of radiation. The first: residue from the big bang and the creation of the universe; and the second: the luminosity of the stars and galaxies within. Scientists have realized over the years that the key to the composition of the universe is mass and not luminosity. The reason for this is gravity’s integral role in the creation of structure. Over cosmic time (incredibly large periods of time, practically unfathomable relative to humanity or even our galaxy), areas of incredible density become even denser. On a macrocosmic scale, the expansion of the universe is restrained by its mass-energy, a concept of mass-energy correlation taught by Einstein. Because mass cannot be directly observed, astronomers have used the radiance of small amounts of ordinary matter to gauge and estimate the total mass of the universe. This ordinary matter that we observe and are made of, cannot be the primary ingredient of the majority of the mass in the universe. HOW
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Dark Matter - INTRO When one looks into the sky from Earth...

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