07-08 BA Worksheet

07-08 BA Worksheet - BACHELOR Environmental Studies...

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LOWER-DIVISION (1st and 2nd years) Revised 6/30/07 B ACHELOR OF A RTS (B.A.) W ORKSHEET 2007-08 Environmental Studies Program, UCSB ES Course Units 1. _____________________________________ _____ 2. _____________________________________ _____ 3. _____________________________________ _____ 4. _____________________________________ _____ 5. _____________________________________ _____ 6. _____________________________________ _____ 7. _____________________________________ _____ Total = 28 Environmental Studies 100 (F qtr) Environmental Studies 106 or 188 Environmental Studies 115 (W qtr) Environmental Studies 190 (1 unit, P/NP, course) There are 2 options for the Outside Concentration: 1) Single department option : Complete any 20 upper-division, letter graded, units from any ONE UCSB department or program. Completion of a double major will automatically satisfy this area as will an of± cial minor that requires at least 20 U.D. units. 2) Interdisciplinary emphasis : The combination of 20 upper-division units from more than one department or program may be used to create a concentration of study as long as they form a coherent environmental emphasis. A list of example environmental emphases/concentrations a student might use is available from the ES Advisors or the ES Website at: www.es.ucsb.edu/curriculum_info/worksheet.pdfs.php Note: A student pursuing this option must submit a "Petition for Grad u a tion Matters" form to the ES Program, preferably prior to starting an emphasis, justifying a plan of study and how chosen courses relate to each other and the desired emphasis. Petition forms are available from the ES Academic Advisors. ES Majors are welcome to pursue Environmental
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07-08 BA Worksheet - BACHELOR Environmental Studies...

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