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ES-1 Basic Paper Outline

ES-1 Basic Paper Outline - 1ES 1 Basic Paper Outline 1.0...

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1 ES 1: Basic Paper Outline 1.0 Introduction and initial statement of Thesis 1.1 BRIEFLY Identify the environmental problem you’re dealing with 1.2 BRIEFLY state why this problem is significant 1.3 CLEARLY Articulate your thesis — the proposition or statement that you intend to support in the body of your paper Helpful Hint #1: Paper Guidelines require that you clearly state your thesis in the first paragraph of the paper. You may find it easier to START by spelling out your thesis, then offering a paragraph or two of additional introduction to the problem and its significance. Helpful Hint #2: The thesis should be one, clear, declarative sentence with an active verb. A good way to start is to write it down first and then decide, first, whether it says exactly what you want it to say, and second, whether it’s good enough to spend the whole paper in supporting. 2.0 Double Diversion or Individual/Structural Factors — Argument and Evidence 2.1 Argument:
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