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film analysis Gattaca - Kasha Mansfield-Skurski Dr. Cheu...

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Kasha Mansfield-Skurski Dr. Cheu WRA 195H Sec. 4, 3:00-4:50 Film Analysis November 9 th , 2006 The Power of One’s Will We live in a time where science is advancing at a very fast rate. At this point, people are able to choose the gender of their unborn children. In the future, science may find ways to choose other characteristics of these children. The movie, Gattaca , displays what could happen if science were to continue to advance to the point where scientists can screen for and remove all imperfections in unborn children. This movie is based in a society where people who were born naturally are discriminated against and those people who were genetically enhanced before conception are given all opportunities to succeed. This movie demonstrates how someone with the will to succeed can overcome all obstacles to reach their goal even if they are told that they aren’t good enough. I will analyze the sequencing film and short compositions of the film to show how the director expressed the message of the movie. The movie starts with a man working in a high class science corporation, Gattaca, a place
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film analysis Gattaca - Kasha Mansfield-Skurski Dr. Cheu...

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