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NST10 - Lipids 0922
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Unformatted text preview: NST10 - Lipids 21:14 What are the functions of lipids? Major source of energy STORE in body • Big diff between amount you eat and store • Reservoir of energy / bank account Precursors of hormones and signaling molecules • Steroid hormones (estrogen, testosterone) • Prostaglandins and related • Fat soluble vitamins: A , D, E, K Myelination of nerve fibers : allows efficient electrical impulse propagation in brain Insulation and heat conservation – blubber? *** What are kinds of fats in the diet? (diff kinds of fat have diff impl.) Saturated: animal fats, milk products • Effects on blood lipids -> heart disease Monounsaturated: olive oil (1 double bond) Polyunsaturated: vegetable oils (many double bonds) Omega-3 fatty acids: oily fish • Solid at room temp – bad for you o Butter o Lard • More liquid the fatty acid – better Cholesterol-rich fats Essential fatty acids: body can’t make them What lipids do people eat • 25-45% fat in typical macronutrient content of western diet • Recommended diet: <30% energy from fat, <7% saturated • Major differences in types of dietary fats o Mediterranean (mono unsaturated), milk and meat (saturated), fish (omega 3) Sources of Body Fat: • Fat in body is what you ate – composition is very similar to the dietary fat • Body can convert CHO and alcohol into fat – novolipogenesis Storage of fats in adipose tissue Close to 150000 kcal in nonobese humans Great majority in adipose tissue – living organism • Complex biology •...
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