NutriSci10 Spring06 Final - Nutxitianal Sciences 10 Find...

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Nutxitianal Sciences 10 Prof. Amy: May, 2006 Find Exam - 60 points It is the student's responsibility to know the following instructions. Failure adhere foIlowing instructions may result in 0 earned on exam. Print your name line pm~ided scantron sheet. On next print section number md the first name of GSI. Turn sheet "longways"'. Fill complete SID the spaces provided. * Mark last two rows LLOO"' if you would like exam scare be posted by SID. two rows &01" do not want score to be posted. Use only a #2 pencil scantran. * ABSOLUTELY NO Cell Phones, No Cnleulators. Choose the best answer for eacb question. You keep be question sheets. 1. have version b Please mark b as to one. 2. are working in a new biotech company and found a diet drug that totally blocks all absorption of fat. You think, "I will be richer than Bill Gates." Your boss, however, thinks need re-take NS 10. What problem? a. Dietary fat is essential of iron and calcium. b. Your boss doesn't hw humans can make JI they need. c. Humans cannot make enough cholesterol for the synthesis of Vitamin D without dietary d. We some fat and fat-soluble vitamins, which are transported chylomicmns. e. Most people could lose JP their excess weight really wanted to and tried hard- 3. Which conditions is associated with edema? Excessive use certain drugs causes high excretion water amino acids Excessive circulating lipoproteins cause blood volume increase, c. Above-nomal concentration of bld protein caucs fluid to leak from vessels Below-nod fluid leak fbm bid leading increased retention fluid, especially extravascular spaces 4. How oxygen delivered muscles? The air our Imgs delivered to muscles small bubbIes m b. The myosin red cells carries nutrients to the muscIes. Hemoglobin in red cells delivers oxygen to myogIobin muscles. d. Oxygen is transfenin muscle tissues Oxygen binds glucose in red blood celIs then goes the muscles. 5. term describes a factor abnormal fetal development and birth defects? a. Toxigenic Neoagenic b. Teratogenic Proliferative Mutagenic
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6. Why is protein from eggs considered higher quality than protein from beans? a. Eggs have a more balanced proportion of essential amino acids b. Eggs are more digestible than beans c. essential fatty and cholesterol in the yolk d. Wrong, the from quality because it aIso contains many other vitamins minerals. e. Both have enough acids 7. How does absorption fat-soluble vitamins differ fmm that of water -soIuble vitamins? a. Fat soluble vitamins require transferria. b. transported the Iyrnph. c. vitains not absorbed in small intestine d. require acid in stomach and water-soluble do not. digestion. 8. Frank has had Type 1 diabetes since he was a child. He needs frequent blood ghrcose checks and injections insulin. When his glucose gets low, what should he do? Eat a snack containing carbohydrates Inject the correct amount insulin Nothing, he only concerned when his glucose is too high.
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NutriSci10 Spring06 Final - Nutxitianal Sciences 10 Find...

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